Monday, October 12, 2015

Filtertree javascript plugin

Check out my filtertree plugin. It is very flexible, DB independent.

Git url:

  • Ability to save state in cookies
  • Deep branch tree structure
  • Ability to specify controls per filter type
  • etc... 

Customized A2Billing customer portal

I created customized A2Billing customer portal called "ICustomer". It is proprietary for now. It is written on php and implemented as Symfony2 bundle. Fully OOP, fully configurable.


  • Symfony2 framework used
  • Bootstrap powered base template
  • Follows native A2Billing configuration settings
  • Supports real time and file configuration
  • Custom web site templates support
  • Custom e-mails templates support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Multiple payment gateways support (Robokassa is already implemented)
  • Multiple currencies support
  • API server + API client for remote procedure call

Some screens

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A2Billing + OpenSips cluster (calling card, etc)

I would like to introduce a calling card platform which I recently built. It can be changed if required. There is a possibility to add clusterization software like Corosync/Pacemaker and add more nodes.

This is a schema (can be changed upon request):