Monday, October 12, 2015

Customized A2Billing customer portal

I created customized A2Billing customer portal called "ICustomer". It is proprietary for now. It is written on php and implemented as Symfony2 bundle. Fully OOP, fully configurable.


  • Symfony2 framework used
  • Bootstrap powered base template
  • Follows native A2Billing configuration settings
  • Supports real time and file configuration
  • Custom web site templates support
  • Custom e-mails templates support
  • Multiple languages support
  • Multiple payment gateways support (Robokassa is already implemented)
  • Multiple currencies support
  • API server + API client for remote procedure call

Some screens


  1. Hello
    I would love to do the same custom tasks on my a2billing server (custom Web template client & Agent UI, Mail Template ...)
    Can you please tell about how to do it by myself?

    1. Hello, you have a choice

      #1 simplier - just customize existing templates by utilizing existing code base, you can extend it by anything you want.

      #2 gives more flexibility - create a separate application that will use the same database and follow general logic. I went this way...

      Thank you

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