Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - web service for musicians and p2p conferencing

Take a look at the app that I am working on - It is web based peer to peer conferencing app. The main idea was to use it for musicians cause it allows to minimize network latency. We figured out how to get <= 50 ms round trip. All the media data flows directly from user to user - we don't process it and even cannot do it, it physically does not go through our servers. All features like file sharing and audio recording happens locally in the user's browser window. It has a quick guest access that does not require any credentials. At the same time users are allowed to create a permanent account. It is in BETA now. Anyone who needs assistance are welcome to post right here...


  • WebRTC peer 2 peer audio + video calls
  • Multiple sessions and multiple users in a session support
  • Unlimited users in conferences
  • Media stream control (audio/video mute, volume, video effects)
  • Plugins support
  • Contact list with contact statuses
  • Session synchronized metronome
  • Session peer to peer file share
  • Session screen sharing
  • Session white board
  • Session audio recording

Technical side / technologies used:

  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • Sails.js
  • MySql
  • Redis
  • jQuery
  • Lodash
  • Bootstrap
  • WebAudio
  • WebRTC
  • WebSockets

I will put more details soon...